The GOLD trading strategy – is an automated strategy developed by us for trading gold.

Description of the strategy – the EA consists of two separately working strategies that complement each other. Has shown excellent results during the testing period from 2013 to 2020 inclusive. It is notable for its resistance to different market cycles and is focused on long-term work. It has been tested on a real account since April 2020 and shows a current profitability of 172.6% with a drawdown of 15.94% (the increased profitability is associated with the increased volatility of gold and this does not mean that such a profitability will always be). Great for portfolio use with other strategies and does not require constant attention.

Trade type – automatic trading;

Trading style – short-term trading (most positions are closed within 24 hours);

Opening hours – around the clock;

Trading Instruments – Gold;

Planned profit: about 30-50% per year;

Risk of loss – up to 20% of the deposit;

Minimum deposit – from $ 100 (PAMM) or from $ 5000 to a separate account.